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We are glad you and your child are interested in taking the first step in competition swimming with Hounslow Jets. But do you know what a swimming club is? Particularly a competitive club like ours? If you are expecting a pool, full of young people just splashing about generally, then I have to say you won’t find it here. What you will find though is detailed instruction on:

  • How to make the very best of all your child’s natural abilities in the pool.
  • How to swim correctly using proper stroke mechanics across all four strokes
  • How to prepare to compete at progressively higher and higher levels
  • How to appreciate the value of self-discipline in all aspects of work in the pool environment

So let’s look a little more closely at our Club and what it will mean to you.

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Please complete the trial form below to start your joining process.

Most trial sessions take place at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre on Mondays and Fridays. Our membership officer will contact you after completing the above form.

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