New Website & System

June 16, 2021

All in one website and system will be completed very soon. Please read below for more information.

Since May last year, Alur Digital have been working hard to produce a new website and system for our club. This system will make managing your account much easier…. and our website will be much much quicker than our current one! Even better, it’s all in one, which stops you from changing site to site online.

We are working hard to ensure it is easy and simple for parents, club members, teachers, coaches, and volunteers. Also, ensuring it includes everything we all need for a swimming club… more than what Swim Manager and Team Unify have to offer together!

The system will be brought out in stages, starting at the membership and swimmer / parent account first. To make it a smooth process as possible, we will carry out each account set up our end so all you must do is reset your password using your email on the site and you will be logged in with your current information securely transferred.

we currently have an active form to collect any ideas you may have that can be implemented on the system in the initial rollout or in future updates. >

Form Here

If you have any questions, please use the questions tab under the form we will send you.

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