Personalised Hats – Update

August 10, 2022

We are currently in the process of changing our uniform and club equipment supplier. This includes club train, and personalized club hats. We are working on confirming the designs with the supplier shortly. Due to this, Swimzi hats are now unavailable to our team. If you have placed an order for personalized swimming hats, we will confirm the new supplier and design with you and will give you the option to cancel your order if you wish. We have not processed any payments from your account for these hats and will not do so until you are satisfied with the new product you will receive.

We are expecting to announce our new uniform and open ordering very soon. We apologize for the delay.

UPDATE 10/08/2022

We changed our uniform suppliers during the previous ordering window. In the final stages of confirming the new artwork (shown below) and now confirming the final price, keeping it as low as we possibly can. Due to this, we have created a new form for personalised hats available for all swimmers in Harrier 3 and above (or swimmers who compete in Level 3 meets). This form will be open shortly and we are aiming for 25 hat orders before we submit the order.

During our previous form for personalised swimming hats, we changed supplier to Arena. Due to this, the design, feel, material and pricing on the product has changed. If you are happy with what you expect to recieve, please fill out the form below.

About the hats;
Hit the water with high-tech gear. Arena Moulded Pro Personalised swim caps use 3D moulding for a smooth, wrinkle-free surface that improves glide. Designed for intensive training.

Material + Fit
Silicone is a soft, durable material with powerful chlorine protection and a smooth surface. This silicone swim cap is cut for a snug fit and extra comfort for those long swim sessions.

Make your cap last even longer by washing it in fresh water after use and air drying it away from radiators and other heat sources.

What Design?
Each personalised hat comes striped navy blue with the swimmers first name initial + full surname. I.e. John Smith = J.Smith

Perfect for training and competitions!
Swimmers must be in *Harrier 3 and above to order these hats due to the design and type. We recommend you purchase 2 caps to be on the safe side!

For additional information, please contact;
*Unless the swimmer participates in licensed meets (Level 3+)

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