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Head Coach

By becoming part of our club your child is entering a sporting world rich in fun and friendship. The great thing about the sport is that it takes a swimmer to understand another swimmer’s joy in winning, or their disappointment when things have gone against them. That’s because only swimmers are aware of the hard work that they and their teammates have put into their training to maintain that unique condition known as water fitness. Swimming is a sport like no other – it depends very much on the “feel” of the water and the “physical conditioning” needed, in order to retain that feel in the water.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you progress to your full potential as a Jets swimmer.


Being part of the Committee is a really good way to learn about the sport and children. Visit our Recruitment site to join!
At a very early stage your child will be taught to swim all the strokes exactly as laid down by Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in this country. This will be very important when they go on to compete in our meets detailed elsewhere on our site. To ensure they are taught properly, the club is under the control of highly qualified professional teachers and coaches who ensure all swimmers are trained to a consistently high standard. We are always ready and happy to answer any queries you may have regarding any aspect of swimming be it personal progress or information about competitions. Speak to Pratima if you’d like to arrange a chart with one of the coaching team.
We currently have six stages of development within the two Harrier groups which all swimmers must pass before entering our Harrier 3 which is the first competitive group in our club.
Each stage has been designed to ensure each child can reach their full potential in competitive swimming. Our structured plan is also based on the Long Term Athlete Development Plan which is a framework for human growth and development written by Swim England.
We take pride in creating professional teaching environment which ensures teachers and pupils gain the maximum value from each lesson.
With this in mind each level is fun and progressive, whereby basic elements can be mastered to create a foundation upon which we can build to ensure all swimmers are able to develop better techniques stamina, style and fitness.
We believe the environment and process of learning matters and that the whole swimming experience is key to learning.
To achieve this, we limit numbers in our groups and only employ experienced and qualified ASA Level 2 teachers.


Hounslow Jets provides children and young people the opportunity to learn and develop competitive swimming skills.



At the higher level we now will have Performance Blue, Performance White, Performance Red B and Performance Red A. The new Performance squads will be more age related.


Performance Red B will be for older swimmers, not yet judged at County standard and Performance Red A for our older County level swimmers, or strong potential County swimmers.


Performance White for younger swimmers with County potential.


Performance Blue will be for younger swimmers who are currently judged competitors in normal meets, but unlikely to make County level imminently.


Harrier 3 is where young swimmers now progress into the competition pathway of the club. They focus on gaining county times and attending Level 3+ meets.


Harrier 2 swimmers gain knowledge of Level 4 meets and start preparing for the competition pathway.


Harrier 1, our first squad in the club. Swimmers will start to get an understanding of how a competitive club differs to a learn to swim programme. Swimmers will start to develop skills and technique suitable to start competing. Swimmers in this group tend to be under 8 years, and progressing to eventually compete.


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We have a range of club kit to order. You can also order your equipment from our trusted supplier.


We train at 3 Hounslow Leisure Centres working in partnership with Lampton Leisure.


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