Hounslow Jets Payments Update

July 1, 2020

Payments and Fees

As we have notified before, we have streamlined the way we are collecting all payments and have chosen to go via direct debit.  This helps not just Chris and the team at the club but also you, you will still have full control and will get email notifications before your direct debit is taken. The direct debits are now integrated with our systems and any other method of payment means that the system will not be able to work automatically.  Therefore in accordance with this and due to the workload associated with card payments and processing from the system, I have removed the option for our membership fees to be paid by credit/debit card online with immediate effect. We appreciate that it may take a while to set up direct debit depending on your bank etc.. however in the long run, it is a much quicker and easier process for you too.

Standing Orders Are To Be Stopped!

You have previously been asked to stop all standing orders and move to direct debits and if you have not yet done so, please do immediately.  Payments by standing order incur an additional £5 per month fee, so it is also much cheaper for you. If your standing order is still set up, please click the link below to set up your direct debit, then cancel your standing order.

Why Do I Stop Standing Order And Card Payments?

On your online account, you have access to your invoices. These invoices are more accurate when you are paying all fees by direct debit as they will be updated immediately after the payment. If you have a standing order, or bank transfer, or pay by credit card this will not show on your invoice and creates a lot of additional administrative work.

Other Payment Info

I’d like to kindly ask each member to log into your account and check your details are up to date and you have your direct debits set up. If you do have any queries please contact either Chris (chris.simpson@hounslowjets.org) or me (reply to this email) and let us know. We wish to help out as best as we can and it will mean we can start the swimming season with less workload and make things much easier for parents and swimmers.

We are still keeping our £15/month fees up until we start back up again and we will send our updates to you all each week to let you know of the progress Swim England are going through to help leisure centres and clubs open back up.

Click here to set up your direct debit

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